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Safety Tips

We do NOT recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer, Cortana, Edge, Dropbox, Live Mail, Hotmail/ or most other Microsoft applications – they generally do not work well with each other.


With Windows 10/11, BE PATIENT. It is always updating and that can take forever. Even if the screen goes black, it does NOT mean Windows 10/11 isn't running. ANY TIME IT DOES UPDATES, IT COULD SCREW UP YOUR COMPUTER WHICH MAY REQUIRE IT TO BE RELOADED.  Do backups!

NEVER GIVE ANYONE MONEY OVER THE INTERNET OR PHONE!! No reputable people will ever ask you for money over the internet/phone or to get into your computer to fix it - they are crooks. The same is true of any of the “speed up my computer” or “driver updater” programs – they are scams. If anybody ever calls saying they need to fix your computer – HANG UP! If you get a screen that says “Call this number because your machine is infected” - DON'T DO IT! Just restart the machine. You probably got the screen while doing a search in Google/Bing, etc. If you restart the computer and the problem doesn't come back, you are probably okay.  Microsoft/Amazon/Nemont/Midco/IRS will NEVER call you – anyone that says they are from there is lying!!!!! Online tech support people are scam artists.

Facebook & TIKTOK are the most dangerous places on the Internet! 

Never let someone else (especially kids/grandkids) use your machine.

There is nothing that can be done to protect your machine from YOU. The internet is filled with lots of bad stuff and if you go wandering all over clicking on everything, the bad guys will get you. If you look at/download porn, they WILL get you. If you click on most any “get stuff free” kinds of links – you will get bad stuff. Stealing movies and music will get you in trouble. Facebook links are an invitation to a messed up computer. If you get an email with an attachment, make sure you know who the sender really is before opening it. On the internet, the safest approach is to suspect that EVERYTHING is BAD. 

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