Windows 7 End of Life - Windows 10 Upgrade


Windows 10 – unfortunately!


As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft is dropping all support for Windows 7. If you have Windows 8, you may be off the hook until January of 2023. For our Windows 7 customers, there are only two options: Continue with Windows 7 and risk many of security concerns or move to Windows 10.


Before we go any further – this is NOT us, this is Microsoft. If we had our way, Windows 7 would be our choice until doomsday because it works. The problem is that if you use your computer on the internet, the security patches are absolutely mandatory. The bad guys are always out there trying to breach everyone's computer and they are not dummies.


Windows 10 has had a very rocky existence and it continues. Microsoft has released multiple complete rewrites of the system under the guise of “updates”. Most of them have not fixed some serious problems and have caused major headaches for users and people like us.


Reluctantly, we are “suggesting” that people should start migrating to Windows 10. If you have a newer computer, we MIGHT be able to do an upgrade in place and you should not lose anything. For older computers, you may be forced by the circumstances to get newer computers. Windows 10 is not very efficient and it does require a lot more horsepower than Windows 7 did.


If we have worked on your computer and installed CCleaner, you can start it up and see what you have for capabilities. Up in the top banner, it will tell you the processor (I3, I5, A6, etc) and the amount of memory. To run Windows 10, an Intel I5 or AMD A8 is nearly the minimum. 8GB of ram is the minimum to make Win 10 work worth a darn.  If you do not have CCleaner, you can see your computer's specs by going to Control Panel/System. In the middle of the screen, it will show the processor and memory. As always, if you have any questions, just give us a call.

If you need a replacement desktop computers, we have stock piled a bunch of 4th Generation I5 & I7 systems (8GB Ram/500GB hard drives) with legal Windows 10 available starting at $350 and up. Laptops are a different problem. We TRY to have used I7 laptops but the inventory changes daily.  We also have brand new HP laptops. Believe us, we DO NOT want to do this but Microsoft has made the decision for all of us. If your machine will run Windows 10 we MIGHT be able to upgrade it but the cost kind of depends on what you have. Again, just talk to us.

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