The caveat – as of 7/1/21, this is what we know. A given fact is that if you have a computer that is more than about 2 years old, you get to buy new. Microsoft does not care one iota about you or how you use your computer. The principle behind Win 11 is is to protect Microsoft – not you!


Starting now, manufacturers can sell computers with Win 11. End users will be able to upgrade to Win 11 sometime this fall.


On new computers – buy BIG. Win 11 is going to require a ton of processing power and a Walmart special will probably not cut it.

There are things your existing computer must meet to run 11. First, it has to be connected to the internet – without exception. Next, on most versions, you must create a Microsoft account and tie the computer to it. Yes, they can track everything you do on your computer. For security capabilities on the computer itself, it must be booting as UEFI and have secure boot turned on. Additionally, the computer MUST support TPM 2.0. Most computer more than a couple years old do not have this feature. Again, this is to protect Microsoft more than you.


The difference between 10 and 11 is mostly cosmetic. It is going to look more like an Apple or a Chromebook than ever before.

Windows 10 will be supported until 10/25 so you need not upgrade to 11 right away.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to talk to us. We'd rather help you up front than deal with a mess later.

Windows 11