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WINDOWS 11 IS weird but we have to move up to it. As of October 2025 (Microsoft just extended it from 2024), Windows 10 support goes away. At that time there will be no security patches any longer so computers running 10 will be pretty unsafe on the internet. It is not that your computer will quit working – just that it will be unprotected.

In Windows 11 Microsoft just rearranged everything you are used to seeing.  Everything is there but in different locations but things work pretty much as they did in Windows 10.  You just need to search all over creation to find the setting.

If you have Windows 11, BE PATIENT. It is always updating and takes forever. Even if the screen goes black, it does NOT mean Windows isn't running. If in doubt, look for the hard drive activity light somewhere on the case of the computer. If it is flashing, Windows (or some other program) is busy doing something and you have to wait.

Windows 11 and older computers

If you have an older computer there is a good chance Windows 11 CANNOT be installed on it. Microsoft has decided that the computer must be at least an 8th generation processor, have a specific piece of hardware (TPM) and a couple of other things that older machines do not have.

Bottom line - they basically don't want people to use their old stuff and want to force you to buy new equipment. It is not us – it is them.

Windows 11

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